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    dx9100 sequencer equal runtime

    I have a dx9100 sequncer that i changed from step to equal runtime 3 boilers 2 stages each broke it down into 3 sets the boilers do not rotate and the books says I should be able to see runtime and I do not. Any help would be appreciated

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    You will need to provide more information. Is there a supervisory controller (NCM or NAE). You can display runtimes through the front-end.

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    This information can be displayed through the front panel of the DX. If not then try re configuring the module and redownloading the DX. You can get the DX tech bulletin that talks about this from JCI website...
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    I have a fx 60 at front end. I do not see runtime in the dx and more importantly it does not rotate. When I upload controller sequencer says its equal runtime (4) but it does'nt control like it. I will reconfigure and redownload and hopefully this will take care of it. Thank you both for your help and if you have any other thoughts I'd like to here them . thanks again

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