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    Angry What can I expect? A/c Unit Fan not working.

    If I am posting this in the wrong spot...please let me know... came across this thread googling information.

    My A/C has worked perfectly, but we have been gone all day and we had a bad storm when we were gone. When we came home it was 83 and HOT in our house. I leave the air on 70. We flipped all the breakers, turned the ac off, turned the ac up, turned it down, tried all of that. When you go outside the compressor does not come on nor the fan. I called my landlord but no return call yet and it is now midnight and HOT.. I was just curious if this is something we should see a repairman about? Oh and it makes a soft humming noise and then goes off then soft humming noise then off.


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    Sounds like it might be the dual run capacitor in the Condensing unit.

    I'm assuming your indoor fan is operational.

    It's just an educated guess. Depending on who you call it shouldn't be too expensive but I've seen Residential companies rip people off when replacing them.

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    Turn the AC off until the repair man comes. He'll have you up and running in no time.

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