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    Question concerning fan relay...

    First, new to this forum- very informative. I have a Trane XE80 system. This AM I heard the "click" of the thermostat, but the air-handler blower motor kept running. Turned the t-stat completely off and had the same problem- blower still running. Finally flipped the breaker for the blower and it stopped. Got my trusty bucket of tools and went to check out the problem in the attic, mind you I live in HELL, I mean Phoenix, AZ, so it is a quick up and down, 15 minutes and you're cooked.

    Question- reading different forums, can anyone tell me if the fan relay switch is stand-alone or integrated into the circuit board? The circuit board is a White-Rodgers 50A50-405. Some say the entire board has to be replaced, others say just the fan relay switch.

    BTW- I did tap on the circuit board AND what I thought was the relay and the unit is functioning properly for now. Also have a picture of what I believe is the relay IF anyone is interested.

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