Am do a total replacement of our HVAC system minus ducts because its 25 years old and the blower motor in the furnace is going.

I have a ~1000 sq foot Townhouse. 2 floors with 2 bedrooms upstairs. There is a balcony where you can see from downstairs to upstairs over the front hallway.

We live in North NJ and have lots of shade behind us as its a forest so
cooling downstairs is never a problem but the upstairs is always much much hotter than downstairs.

Both estimates said a 2ton coil fits for our space but the one estimate said we might as well go with the 2.5 ton since his estimate puts it just a little bit over 2 tons so he said "you might as well size up". We would be putting in a plain jane system, no multi-stage, or dual speed. or anything.

Cost is not an issue but is there any harm in going 2.5tons here or other problems it could cause? Thanks very much for any help. Mike