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    Quote Originally Posted by jpsmith1cm View Post
    What I do think that you might have a problem with could be oil return.
    I'm thinking that a lill too also to think about Where is the Heat load from? is it only heat loss through panels?
    what is the td between the last freezer and the second last freezer?
    is the final freezer completly inside the second last freezer or is it only connected on the door wall?
    I'm thinking this would require a VFD compressor possibly if 100% run time is required to make constant SST?

    Intresting application!
    sounds cheap! haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbart View Post
    We have quite a few different types of freezers at a cutting edge hospital I work at. Out lab has the -80C freezers, the CVOR unit keeps some of their stuff at -313F. The MRI low stage (recycled liquid helium) keeps the superconductors of the MRI at absolute zero (I love the whole superconductor theory). Our MEG also uses liquid helium but it does not recycle it, only vents it (manufacturer says it will void the warranty to put a helium recycle unit on it, weird I know). I am the resident HVACR expert at our facility (that just means I have a lot to learn about a lot of things) so I get to work on a lot of stuff.
    Yeah, our MRI was set up to vent its' entire $30,000 helium charge in the event of an emergency. If any ferrous metal was brought into the room it could be a life threatening disaster. The magnet operator would hit a large "Panic" button and by releasing the helium and the addition of heat, the magnet would be quenched.
    I've heard of cops pistols, steel stretchers and a steel oxygen cylinder going horizontally airborne until they hit the machine...or whoever is in the way.
    The pistol could not be used again and the oxy cylinder caused a fatality.

    Before getting an MRI, a questionnaire is mandatory to redflag patients of certain professions. One of these are railway workers as from years of hammering in railspikes, small chips and fragments of iron would break off and shoot into their legs.
    If not pulled out these fragments would heal over and only be discovered on x-rays or entering an MRI magnetic field which was very painful as the iron would actually cut a hole through the skin on its' way to the magnet.
    Not to hijack the thread but maybe save someone some grief by knowing what to lookout for.

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    Even worse if you have metal fragments in your eyes. Easily happens to tradesmen even wearing glasses. Many MRI's require a trip to the eye doctor for testing first. Be Safe.
    In GOD We Trust

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