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    I'd like a woodstove installed in my doublewide.
    Does my state mechanical journeymans license cover me to fit one myself?
    I understand they need to be certified for manufactured homes-anyone here ever fitted one?
    Anyone have any advice on the subject?

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    Most of qudrafires stoves should be mobile home approved

    Use the dealer locator and talk to someone knowledgeable at the store. If you have never installed a fireplace I would recommend you hire them to install it for you.

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    thanks for the info.

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    Cool HUD

    HUD regulates requirements for installing stoves into mobile homes. A few points:
    must have combustion air kit
    must be bolted to floor
    must be electrically grounded
    cannot be in a bedroom
    must have spark arrestor cap
    must have listed chimney and close clearance connector
    Ceiling cannot be weakened by installing chimney--may have to reinforce.
    Pay close attention to clearance and protection for floor and walls.

    Get the smallest stove you can so it doesn't cook you out of there!

    Quad makes the best stove on the market, if you can find one. Just my biased opinion.

    I agree w/ JTP on talking with someone locally at a hearth store. I would add, some chimney sweeps install stoves and are extremely knowledgeable, too. Some are not, so do your homework.


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