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    New House Foundation Heating

    Crawlspace or Slab foundation, its in a flood plain
    If slab, what to use for heating?

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    The most popular solution to slab heating is radiant floor heat. The wonderfully comfortable and even in the winter but does suffer from long reaction times, making it less than satisfactory when the weather goes from heat/cool/heat in the course of a day during the shoulder seasons.
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    I am concerned about potential health effects attributed with it. Also its just expensive.

    Any alternatives?

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    Quote Originally Posted by veranopage View Post
    Crawlspace or Slab foundation, its in a flood plain
    If slab, what to use for heating?
    Hello Veranopage. What is the standard in the area? Meaning, what do most people go with? Inquiries to local Inspectors might be a good start.

    Either way, attic installation would seem appropriate; split system, paying for both heat and A/C in one fell swoop (providing you are in an area where A/C is a concern).

    Elevated platform for the outside. How often, though, does it flood in the area?

    I would also be curious as to what health concerns you refer to?

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    Need more details. Where do you live? Fairbanks or Baton Rouge. If in a floodplain, are you in the 100 year or 500 year and what was the elevation of the water at the last flood?

    This asked, my favorite heat is insulated slab on grade radiant. Relatively inexpensive compared to other radiant installs and has the benefit of "banking" millions of BTU's at low temperatures. If you live in a high daily temp swing area you can typically get by with a smallish heat source and focus on efficiency. Add out door reset controls that have some brains and it will accommodate you quite well with unbelievable comfort and then economy of operation. Oh, and noise and draft free too.

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