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    12 hours, 5 service calls, and 108 outside. Fun

    The first call wasn't too bad, minor 2nd degree creosote wood insert that had no liner and had to be pulled, 1 hour and 40 minutes on to the next.

    2nd call was fun because it was something that I never seen before a Free Heat Machine, it looked pretty cool fans on the side big heat exchanger tubes that hold the logs with a gas ignitor under. They burned like 3-4 cords a season, haven't had it serviced for 3-4 years and the chimney looked spotless, it just had several 13 gallon bags of ask and byproducts in the firebox area. It took about 2 1/2 hours to clean with 20-30 minutes just scooping ash.

    The 3rd call kicked my butt, barely did a cut to fit for a fireback last week, pretty green when it comes to putting in firebacks ( I know its simple, just afraid I am going to crack the fragile stuff) Well this fireback was specifically for this wood fireplace it had to weight over 100lbs man it was huge, put 4 drops down because when I took out the cracked fire back it just keep shedding debris. It wasn't hard to put in just awkward because of the weight and size and clean up of the debris. 2 hours

    last two calls were pellet stove and a gas log. they went pretty quick, the main time consumer was my very detailed cleaning process and travel. I get schedule two calls close together and then the next two are on opposite ends of town 20-30 minute drives traffic etc.

    On the last call it was a gas log, issue that it was smoking and sootying up alot, the standing pilot assembly, valve all were burnt and had melted plastic on it?? took pics and referred to shop for ordering of parts and appointment.

    Tired and happy it was a cool day. Have a nice one.

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    I'm surprised you are so busy when it's HOT outside. Just wait until winter gets here !!

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