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    Quote Originally Posted by ICanHas View Post
    Who are you trying to impress? If there is no technical or safety issues, let it be.
    If there was a plan for future relocation, what they did was a brilliant idea.
    I just try to make my work look as nice as possible and that looks horrible. And for your idea on future relocation . . . Cmon now. Damn near the same amount of work would have to go into that if they planned on moving it.

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    It's crap. My boss would fire me if I did that, all that excess on the roof down here would decrease capacity in the heat.

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    years ago Lennox made unites that the length and dia. of the liquid was the metering device. you void the warranty if you shortened or added to them. needless to say they didn't last long.
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    Does anyone have a picture of a pre charged line set?? I have never seen one.

    I think it looks like poop but so does un painted gas pipe in my book I saw in this pic it was painted yellow to code in Ontario

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    They look very similar to this. There will be a tag with the type of refrigerant in them.

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