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    Scotsman Ice machine.

    I'm normally do HVAC and a customer of mine has asked me to look at his ice machine. I have worked on a few in the past but this is not on "like to do" list.Its a Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine. The freeze cycle is long and ice is forming on the lower end of the grid only. The ice is very thick and when it goes into harvest it comes out in one block.Can you give a suggestion on what I should check.

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    if its only making ice on the bottom, its going to be most likely either an undercharge or TXV problem. You will want it to harvest all of the cubes at once with a 1/8" bridge connecting them. Can you give a model number/serial number, and operating pressures?

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    Are both lines in and out of evap plate frosting up? sounds like a charge issue or potential metering device.

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    You want to make sure the water valve is not leaking thru. You can pull the hose off after fill or check the sump full light on the board.
    If the sump full light is always on you either have a dirty probe or a water valve leaking thru. If the sump empty light goes on you likely have
    a leaking dump valve which if large could produce the thin ice symptoms.

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    Charge or TXV most likely.

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    Me too

    With large emphasis on the low charge. Check the quick connects for leaks.

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    Go to and choose your model number to download the service guide.

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    ditto on the quick connects if its a remote. Oil is a the dead giveaway for any IM that has a history.

    Verify the pressures and charge if needed or you can pull the charge and weigh it in. I like the weighing in part on remotes.

    But the block ice points to an undercharge and/or txv issue.

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    Does this unit have a hot gas bypass valve? If so check to see if it is leaking through while in a freeze cycle. You can feel the front and back side of the valve to check the temp. Hot on back cool on front. It does sound like a low charge as others have previously said, but I have had to replace a few of these valves myself.

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