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    Armstrong heat pump

    Hi need some advice my 4 ton heat pump was installed nov 2003 when I built the house.It has been tripping the breakers and today a repair person told my wife that the compressor is pulling too many amps and it be cheaper to replace the heat pump alone with the inside air handler because a compressor would not last that long. is this true? also what would the average life of a heat pump be? and what brands are among the best and do any last more then 10 years? I been reading in this forum and it seems the higher SEER the better would it be worth the extra? sorry I am asking so many question but figure this be the best place.I am in the Cincinnati area ..all advice is welcome and thanks for your time George

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    costs can vary greatly, but compressor, from me, would be a less expensive than a complete new system.

    However, there is a mfr warranty on compressor (usually only one year), your system is at an age that replacement is not out of the question and new would get you a longer complete warranty.

    Also, what caused it to die, just age or something else? Many times determining the cause of failure is not possible without a functional system. This means you may dump money into an old system that then requires replacement type costs to repair.

    If you were my customer additional details would most likely lead you in the direction of replacement over repair. Now depending on the indoor unit, you may only need to replace the heat pump.
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    A9 year old armstrong with a bad ompressor if it is in the budget i would replace the complete system unless the compressor is still under warranty. I would also get a second opinion as to if the compressor is bad

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    Thanks for the advice. We going get a second Opinion on it. And replace if the compressor bad. Any brand suggestion or personal opinion? Thanks george

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