We are using Metasys version on a MS-NCE25xx controller.

We want to use CoV to reduce the network traffic. As of now, Metasys can auto-discover our devices and field-points, in-fact CoV works to a certain extent too. However after field-points are auto-discovered, Metasys doesn't appear to automatically subscribe to the CoV. We have to either click on the AI object or change the CoV increment value in Metasys for the CoV to start working.

The problem is that we could potentially tave several tens of such devices and consequently hundreds of field points. It will be close to impossible to click on each point to ensure that CoV starts working. Moreover, the polling updates seem to continue even after the CoV starts working.

So a couple of questions:
(1) Is there any way to subscribe to CoV automatically upon auto-discovery of field points?
(2) Is it normal that polling continues even after CoV is subscribed?
(3) Is it all right to set a long polling frequency, like 5 or 10 minutes to overcome the problem of point (2)?

Thanks in advance,