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    I am in the process of replacing my entire central air system and need advice on sizing. My present 20 yr old York unit is a 140,000 BTU (90% unit). I was informed by a contractor that none of the major maunfactureres make over a 120,000 BTU gas furnace for residential use. He said the the new 120K BTU units are equivilent to the old 140K BTU units because thay are more efficient. Is this true? My house is roughly 3300 square feet.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    He's wrong. Your old furnace had 140K input and output approximately 90% of that or 126,000 BTU. A new 120K furnace at say 92% AFUE would have output around 110,000 BTU. Hmmm, 16,000 less. If your house really needed that much heat, you'd be in trouble on the coldest mornings.

    York has a 90% in the Affinity line that has 135K input. But a good dealer would do a heat loss calc and see what you NEED!

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