I have a Carrier 410A HVAC that keeps tripping the Discharge temperature switch. I have two such systems side by side and I measured the discharge temp and the one that is tripping was 30 degrees F hotter. The system cools the rooms when it is running, but when the outside temp rises above 90F the increase is enough to trip the switch after 4 minutes of operation. So when the A/C is needed the most the unit switches on after the compressor delay and off after 4 minutes. Water cooling the compressor will make it run indefinitely.

There is some sweating back to the condensing unit. The unit that works well, has a lot of sweating all the way to the compressor.
I checked the refrigerant with the superheat method and the calculated value was 61F and the measured was 65F. This is certainly within the margin of error. Checking the unit that works well, it appears to be overcharged with calculated = 68F and measured temp =55F

The system is a 2004 and other than the high discharge temp seems to work fine. There are no service records so I have no idea what if anything has been done to it since installed. It may have always had this issue or it may have just developed this issue.
I'm thinking its either slightly undercharged or there is moisture in the system.

Any idea of other tests I might try.

FYI, I used to operate a refrigeration / A/C repair business back in the late 70's and early 80's. I have been out of the industry since. So 410A is new to me.