Trying to integrate two of these panels to a Jace-6 using infocon's cbus driver and an easy IO gateway. I'm able to discover both panels and a point discovery in one of them works fine. All the points are there and updating. The other panel I can't get anything out of a point discovery. The 2 panels are connected by Cbus and there's no front end, just a display on one of them that allowed access to the other by going to "remote login". The panel that isn't talking doesn't show up in "bus wide access" either.

I verified there was no issues with addressing or baud rate (all are at 9600). I took the display from the panel that is communicating and plugged it into the one that is not and I can see all of the points and values, ect. The I/O is operating and controlling the equipment fine. The bus wire itself is good, as my jace is on the other side of the building and can talk to the good panel no problem. Any ideas on how I can restore cbus com on this panel? Is there anyway to 100 percent verify the CPU is bad? Any input is appreciated. Btw, I do not have the project database. I do have CARE 8.0 and a dongle but I'm guessing because of the age of this panel there can/will be issues.