I've just accepted a proposal to have the AMH80703 2-stage multispeed furnace, paired with the ASX140361 A/C condenser and CAPF3636A6 evaporator coil installed. I have what I believe to be a very fair offer from an authorized dealer that's been a BBB-accredited business for 18 years.

I have a question about the operation of the 2-stages in the furnace. I already have a Honeywell programmable 1-stage tstat that splits the week into Sat, Sun, and MTWTF, splitting each of those slots into four time zones utilizing the "recovery" fuzzy logic feature that learns to request heating or cooling at the right time so that the target temperature is achieved at the appointed program time. Other than missing any potentially new features that we could take advantage of with our new equipment, we are otherwise happy with this existing programmable tstat.

My understanding (mostly from reading here) is that while the AMH8 furnace is a true 2-stage furnace, it is not capable of being commanded to enter low- or high-stage heating by a 2-stage tstat (i.e. you'd have to set such a tstat to operate in single-stage mode and let the logic on the furnace take over). So, is there *any* benefit of spending a couple hundred $$ on the more advanced Honeywell 8000 series that is what my contractor is offering, or should I save my money?