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    Copper coil Trane. Went back to recheck and suction temp is 64 pressures are 78 240. House cooled down to 76 still 64 is not right after running for a day. There's no return air from attic ( drawing hot air) duct all good

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    Put a tap on the compressor discharge line.
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    bad rv

    get temp reading on each side of liquid drier any more than 2 degress replace. get temp reading across rv valve any more than 2 degrees differrence replace.

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    Did you check your return to make sure it isn't getting air from a none cooled space. You might have a system working correctly but you keep pulling in warm air.
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    is 76 degrees all the cooler the house would get or is that what the temperature is set at . is your sub cool at target temp. yet. your worring about superheat when your conditions may not allow you to get it , return air temp. & humidity. it was said before the txv is trying to maintain superheat at the coil what is your super heat at the coil.

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    I see that nobody saw my post about the check valves. Also trane units already have a port on the discharge before the reversing valve. If you have a check valve bleeding it will bypass refrigerant. The check valve in the outdoor unit is hard to see because it is copper. It has arrows on it tho. The indoor unit may have one built into the expansion valve. If it is external then you will see it in the piping.Also check each distributer in the indoor and outdoor coils to ensure that you do not have a restriction there. What are the model #of your equipment.This would be great help. If you have anything higher than 15 seer then you may have other issues.I hope your equipment is matched from trane.

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