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You don't want to vacuum out a puddle of water is right, but why would you have that much water in your system in the first place. Seems like he is working on splits under 5 ton for the most part and that should not have that much water in them from just being open for a repair or having a leak.
I went to the shop to grab some copper for a bushing, two peices of tubing were the same size, i come back to van, sprinkler zone fired up, flooded van, all my tools, and i know a few table spoons of water got in the linset.....grrrrrrr

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How old is the oil in vacuum? some here say that oil should be changed after each encounter with a wet system.
In any case, you can't dry wet POE like you can mineral.
Previous worker in this field was changing once a month, which is sometimes 30 Vacs. I do it everytime, sometimes after the 2nd or 3rd vac per job.....