As I am very much a novice when it comes to HVAC I would like to receive some opinions prior to an install.

189,000 BTU INPUT - 151,000 BTU OUTPUT

The one problem is that I have an old home and the current system was designed with only a couple of very large heat runs and cold air returns. The structure of my 1860's home is built much alike a barn with multiple horizontal "beams" approximately 4X6 in height and width, which are spaced approx. every 5-6 feet apart.

Having a high velocity duct would greatly facilty the install as the floor joist are 3.5" X 8" space every 12-14 inches. My other thought process would be a boiler system.

But I would prefer a wood/gas(L.P.) combination of which uses the same exhaust whereas I have an chimney in the basement that has a 6"+ flue.

I was TOLD BY AN INSTALLER that I could convert the aforementioned combination furnace to a high velocity, or a boiler (by using a coil). SO here is my issue, I don't know if it is at all possible or if it is a financially prudent way to go about getting the best end result.

Mainly I am concerned about the CUBIC air capacities of the aforementioned system and tieing that in with what must be an air capture and pressure system. For the boiler converting system may use some type of solenoid? I am one to do my research BUT I live near the Canadian border in New York State in St. Lawrence County.

Simply put, does anyone have an idea of how to financially and most importantly PROPERLY install a combination system for wood/L.P in an older home and what would be an excellant choice??? Thank you in advance!