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Thread: two fireplaces

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    our new house will consist of a bedroom above the living room. we plan to have a fireplace (wood) in the living room, and one directly above it, in the bedroom. Anybody has exprience with this? construction problems?

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    Isn't it against code to put a wood unit in a bedroom? I think because the space is so small. Maybe thats just gas logs and b-vent units though, can't remember.

    As far as construction goes, make sure you know what size the venting will be and its required clearances. Then take that info and make sure you build the chase large enough. A lot of times people will build the space the same size or even smaller than the venting, most wood pipe needs 2" clearance on all sides.

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    The scenario is of a wood fireplace back drafting into the sleeping room when the fire is almost out. Typically after the occupants have gone to bed and fallen asleep.

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