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    Help with Mom's 12 year old house, high humidity in and in crawlspace, getting moldy

    Hi folks! Thanks again for the help I got with my new HVAC unit last Winter.

    OK my Mom has a 12 year old house in Laurinburg NC (Flat and hot). Brick exterior, real nice... 2525 SF down, 950 SF up, well insulated, good windows, gutters with extended downspouts- the whole shooting match.

    It's 3,400 square feet, an expanded version of this Southern Living plan:

    She says the blueprints show 3,475 square feet... I'm not 100% on that and too far away to go measure.

    She has always had a problem with moisture in and under the house. She has 2 dehumidifiers going all the time and the interior humidity never goes below about 63%. She has her crawlspace vents open and a large fan under the house going all the time blowing air through the crawl. The crawl humidity level is 70%. The other day she noticed mold on some of her furniture.

    HVAC units:
    xe-1200 trane model twpo18c100a3 upstairs (950 square feet)
    xe-1200 trane model twpo48c100a4 downstairs (2500 square feet down)

    She just got an estimate for crawslapce encapsulation ($$$!)- guy said he'd shut off all the vents and seal it all up, told her to stop using the crawl fan etc.

    She's been told by multiple contractors/ HVAC guys that her unit is oversized and doesn't run long enough to pull the moisture out of the air. In a 12 year old house why not just get the right size unit put in and see if that helps? In conjunction to that should she stop using the fan under the house and close her crawl vents in the summer?

    Any ideas? She's getting desperate.
    Thanks! John
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