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    Quote Originally Posted by hvacvegas View Post
    There is no law against a person buying r410a without an EPA card, in the US.
    HFC's are not restricted chemicals, like HCFC's (r-22).

    Although 410a has ODP, it's still has no ozone deleting potential. You still get in trouble for releasing it, it's just not restricted.

    At any rate, I wasn't talking about EPA licensing, I thought that was kinda a given.
    We were talking about a masters license, which alot of states here require atleast 1 person in a company to have.

    Wow. I just read this again.
    I meant to say that r410a has no ozone depeleting potential, it does have a global warming potential.
    "Better tell the sandman to stay away, because we're gonna be workin on this one all night."

    "Dude, you need more than 2 wires to a condenser to run a 2 stage heatpump."

    "Just get it done son."

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    Quote Originally Posted by launboy View Post
    Did anyone actually read the comments under the picture? This isn't a repair he made... It's one he found. Can't comment on anything else though.
    He changed the caption after people started commenting.

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    Dude's a hack..even worse he doesn't even know he's a hack. He does what he does and thinks he's great until we (and others I'm sure) start commenting on his pics. Then he back peddles.

    Maybe daddy needs to buy him a clue.

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    That HX repair looks recent. He also has a picture of and commented that he drives around with his side door OPEN on his van!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodney28334 View Post
    That HX repair looks recent. He also has a picture of and commented that he drives around with his side door OPEN on his van!
    Maybe he is Sir Fartsalot.
    A people who would exchange liberty for apparent safety, will deserve neither and lose both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shamoke View Post
    Maybe he is Sir Fartsalot.
    He probably is because he is full of $h1t!

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    I like how he acts like that 1979 Tappan is as good as a new it is still only 5-6 seer

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    Dear EPA,
    Please kick this man in the throat.
    This guy.

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