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    Angry My brand new GAM5 air handler just leaked everywhere-- advice needed! (pics)

    Hi everyone,

    About a month ago I had an American Standard GAM5 system installed in my home to replace my old Trane XE 900 system. All has been going well (aside from the noise) until tonight when I noticed a massive brown spot in my kitchen ceiling and a large puddle on the floor. I went upstairs and saw that the handler closet floor was soaked and that the handler was leaking water at a pretty significant rate. I've attached pictures, but the water had dripped down through the blower.

    Apparently my worthless, worthless contractor didn't install the float switch correctly, but thankfully the unit is under warranty and the town has not yet done the final inspection for the permits I insisted on getting. Here are my questions:

    1) Should I be worried about the water damaging the electronics, motors, or anything else in my system?
    2) How could the drain switch have been installed incorrectly? Isn't it pretty damned simple?
    3) Based on your experience (and not knowing the laws in Florida), do I have any recourse other than homeowner's insurance? If my contractor did a negligent job installing my system, I feel like his insurance should cover the damage and repair to my home.

    I would greatly appreciate your answers to these questions and any other suggestions you might have.

    Image 1: The puddle in the handler's closet
    Image 2: View from underneath the unit
    Image 3: The wet blower. There's also a leak coming from one of the seams on the bottom of the blower and the fan blades are wet (camera wouldn't fit)
    Image 4: Back of blower compartment
    Image 5: Back of blower compartment again
    Image 6: Damage to ceiling in kitchen
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