I'm trying to help a friend who's having some warranty problems with a new home. The home is a little over a year old. A question came up with one of the a/c systems in the home.

The unit wasn't cooling adequately, a tech came out and determined the system needed 1.5 lbs of 410A and added the refrigerant. I don't have any details on his diagnostic testing. My friend had mentioned to me that right after the home was built a leak was found and 'something' had to be 'welded'. I mentioned this to the tech and he said it appeared to him that the evap coil looked new. He said he wasn't sure, as this entire system was still fairlynew, but to him the evap coil looked 'very new'.

I asked him if he would mind getting the model numbers for me off of the equipment and he gladly provided it.

So, what I need to know is based on the model numbers I have listed below, is this enough information to determine the SEER rating of the equipment. The HO has had numerous problems with the builder as far as the home being to the specs in the sales contract so I thought if the coil had been changed (which I don't know) does the system have the SEER rating it was originally spec'd to have.

The numbers as best I can read from his service ticket are:

Indoor model - 58MXBO6O-F-12112
Evap coil - CNPHP4821ATAABAA
Outdoor model - 24ABC636A300 (these are the numbers he wrote on the service ticket, I can find a model ending with 003, but not 300..)

All Carrier equipment, according to the technician, using a TXV.

Is this enough information? How can I determine the SEER rating with this info? Do the components looked properly matched in general, or is there not a 'general rule' for matching these components?

I think her sales contract on the house specs a 16 SEER system for downstairs, but I'll have to ask to confirm that.

Any help is certainly appreciated.