it's nice to know that the foreigners have high priority from our politicians here in America.

after the isolated shooting, police departments across the country sent their officers to park in front of Sikh temples to make sure it is known the government supports them 110%

Obama passed the health care bill with over 70% opposition to it. he didn't give a rat's ass what anyone in America thought about anything.
i hope everyone can see what a high priority it is to load the western world with foreigners.

Obama called the Indian President to offer his condolences, and there will be an international investigation, at tax payer expense, to make sure numbnut wasn't coerced by anyone to do this.
if these people are here to be Americans like you and me, why did Obama have to make a long distance call?

"Yeah we're real sorry about this. we're making sure it will NEVER happen again...yeah i know...we're trying to take more control the dumb American public by banning guns..."

if an American was shot, Obama wouldn't call their mother to tell her to move the car.

(ATTENTION: Obama conversation may have not taken place)