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First off I do not remember anyone saying they charged a trip charge or diagnostic fee to their customers and certainly not in the first year.

and to the techs what do you do when the customer calls up three years after an install has never had you out to service the equipment. Do you still say not trip charge.
I'm sorry but I can't let you slide on that statement I highlighted in blue. Here's a quote from one of us on this thread.
I charge a diagnostic fee on all warranty calls regardless of brand and whether or not we installed the equipment and it is in my proposal.
That was one of the things that got this discussion going a lot stronger.
As for your last question, my answer is still no I do not charge a trip charge or diagnostic or anything if it is still under the parts & labor warranty. The only time they would incur a charge is if there was some sort of abuse that caused a problem or if someone else worked on the unit & did something that caused a problem. I want my customers to call me because they're comfortable with my service & trust me. I never want someone to call me because they feel obligated to.