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A few questions.
Setting aside the diagnostic fee-
Are you happy with the contractor?
Did he do a quality installation?
Does he show up on time?
Is he professional?

If you answered yes- I'd pay the man before I called anyone else out. That's my opinion. Is it really worth it to call out someone else who didn't install the system? Who knows what quality work you will receive.

On my installs- I charge a diagnostic after a year. I have to. There's no real money to be made on warranty work- no matter how the manufacturer spins their words. I will waive the fee for certain situations but I spell it all out in their contract.

Remember- on a quality installation which I'm assuming you have- warranty work is rare. If you are lucky- this could be the only repair needed for years- assuming you have regular service performed.

I say pay the man & move on. It's not worth rolling the dice on a new contractor who didn't install the system.
precision hvac - All very valid points!! I agree it would be MUCH easier to pay the fee and get the reimbursement that Goodman offered. A couple issues with this:

1. I don't like the idea of calling Goodman every time I have warranty work to get reimbursed.
2. I think the whole process is deceptive and unethical. Probably most of the blame lies on Goodman for allowing the loophole, but the contractor is not completely innocent either.

Agree the install was done very well and in general the original contractor has done a pretty good job in the past. I have two units (the other one is Carrier and is out of warranty). Same contractor installed both units. Earlier this year a leak developed in one of the capillary tubes on the Carrier. The original contractor said the whole condenser had to be replaced at a very high cost. I called another contractor for a 2nd opinion. The 2nd contractor agreed to repair the capillary at overall less than half the cost of replacing the condenser. (the biggest cost was 8.5 lbs of R22....ouch!!!)

Reason I mention this is I'm not 100% happy with original contractor based on these two incidents. However, I agree the risk is great moving to another contractor who did not install the system. It's a matter of holding on principal vs. taking the path of least resistance (I tend NOT to be a guy who takes path of least resistance!!)