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    As I stated I inform that there will be a service call charged and it is justified, no warranty covers cost fully and the deductible is just part of ding business. As I stated what insurance has no deductible, some may not but they are premium polices and cost extra. Look at Lennox and Carrier warranties they have different levels and pay dependent upon the policy purchased. The Goodcare policy is very inexpensive and therefore pays very minimal rates.
    Classical - Goodcare is a premium warranty. I don't have the original invoice in front of me, but I believe it cost me at least $extra for it when the system was installed. Also, for most products (like automobiles, appliances, electronics) there is usually no deductible when you purchase extended warranties. I agree that the standard Goodman warranty (the one that comes free with the unit) does not cover even the labor, it covers parts only, but Goodcare cost significant amount up front and comes with premium coverage including labor. Isn't diagnostics just part of labor?
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