Want to start off by saying I am thankful to have found this community and in advance thank you all for any help and insight offered.

I recently purchase a used Polar-Pak walk-in freezer. It had been turned off for about 6 monthes before they sold it to me.

Right now I have the Self-contained Refrigeration sitting on its side for the past 2 days. The refrigeration tech who came to take a look today said its harmful to keep it in that position as the oil flows down into the fan (or fan area). As you can tell, I dont know anything about mechanics or refrigeration and I appricaite the patience.

He said that once we assemble it tomorrow, to not run it for a few days so the oil can go back down. I included some pictures to give a better idea.

Is the unit still safe and are there any negative reprocussions of keeping it in an altered position like this?

Thank you for the help and I know this must be a very silly question.

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