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    Temperature of Air when air balancing

    we often have air balance contractors
    balance our new sites minus compressors, and minus forced air heating ability
    Often because the condenser water system, or the heating plants are not yet operational.
    The balancers say that the results are the same regardless of the supply air temperature

    My answer is that the difference in air density
    has a minimum effect on the V.A.V. air flow regardless of the damper position
    Is this correct ?

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    standard air at 68 degrees in a vav system verses say 55 degree air will have different density, but typically vavs are sized in small quantities, say 500-3000 cfm. the difference isnt that much. it really depends on what zee engineer asked for in the spec. if you broke out the formulas and did some math, you could see the difference for yourself and decide if it matters. air balancers are taught to work in round numbers anyway, so how close are they really? I would prefer to wipe my butt with many reports, as opposed to believing them. this is especially true when they show a 100% efficient motor......

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    Quote Originally Posted by flange View Post
    ...I would prefer to wipe my butt with many reports, as opposed to believing them.......
    Don't step on my favorite part of the Constitution just to point out your favorite part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayguy View Post
    Had a job that with a balancing report, coil was freezing, found no holes cut in duct work, the diffusers were connected tot he wrong unit.

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