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Jeez. Did they throw in a jar of vaseline with that condenser??

Sounds like cond fan motor was all you needed. Id never put a 410a condenser on an evap thats been running 22. Stupid and will void the warranty on some units.

I bet he cut one of your distributor tubes and brazed it closed in his futile attempt to repair it.

Hopefully youll get a competent contractor out there who can remedy your debacle. Good luck.

I'm not sure about the vaseline it wasn't in the detail.

Now there's another interesting tidbit, can you all verify this for me?
The last contractor came and looked at the outside unit. Here were his observations.

The unit has a sticker on the side, Name:  001.jpg
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New contractor said
1) This is an 22r model (sticker states 410)
2) The model number 13AJN24A01 - "01" means manufactured in 2001
3) Date of manufacture on sticker 05/2012
4) This information should be stamped on the outside unit, not applied by paper sticker.
5) Says that the "N" in the model number means 22r

Can anyone verify this information?

Thanks again