I'm looking to improve my indoor air quality and thinking about what I'd like to have. I'll ask my HVAC guy what we can install in my system, but I'd like to educate myself a little first about what technologies are available. My HVAC guy is sort of a techie like me and he likes it when I do my homework before I talk to him. I've done a little reading on IAQ so have some rough ideas, but I'd like your input.

I already have a good filter, Aprilaire 2210. Now I'm interested in stuff like ventilation, UV lights, and UV-PCO air purifiers. I have a VisionPRO IAQ which I believe can control ventilation. Since the house is fairly well-sealed and we have no ventilation the air gets rather stuffy at times. We get a little bad AC smell occasionally so would like to improve that too. This is a split system, upflow configuration.

So, what do you like, and what really works?

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. What do you have in YOUR house?