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    does anyone have a jerry cutter, do you like it ?
    The Captain.

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    For some reason I was a bit dissapointed to not see some guy laying down there with his Jerry curl getting cut off lol.

    I've used a cutter similar (home built, and on a bench) and it worked awesome. Doesn't seem like one would be hard to build from a dolly and a few spare parts laying around. Be sure to go buy a new pizza cutter, ya might get in trouble if you steal the one from home.
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    Does the blonde come with it?

    Looks like a nice tool- I saw one at the AHR show. Problem is, it is something else to lug around in the truck and drag out to the job.

    If I am insulating, I usually do it on the floor anyways. Most of the jobs I have done would not warrant the time saved from the cutter because the amount of duct insulated is small.

    They could make it better by having a measuring roller built in.
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    Be sure to go buy a new pizza cutter, ya might get in trouble if you steal the one from home.
    I used to have the same problem with steak knives... They make real good flex duct cutters... Until they where all gone... then I started pocketing them from resturants... It turned into an obsession...

    (not really, but that sounded good.)

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