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    DX-9100 Expansion Module Problem


    Have two chillers with (2) DX-9100 version 3 each. Each chiller also has about 10 expansion modules linked to it.

    Service call: one chiller not operating - find that one of the extension modules - XT-9100-8304 - looks to have gone bad - power at terminals, no lights, fuse OK. Also, one of the expansion modules connected to it also looks bad - XP-9105-8304 - this is an 8DI module - no lights whether or not the DI is made.

    OK, purchased and replaced both - set the DIP switches to the proper address on the extension module. Powered up - the power, TX, and RX lights are now lit (and blinking in the case of TX and RX) on the extension module, and the DI lights are lit properly on the expansion module.

    Problem is the DX-9100 still does not seem to be receiving information. There is an LCD display - other points from other expansion modules are updating, the points from this particular module are not.

    I did not have my laptop or SX tool with me that day as I just happened to be in the building for something else and thought I'd just pop these on quick and see if I could get it going, so I wasn't able to do any additional troubleshooting.

    Any ideas on what I missed? Am heading out there tomorrow.

    Thanks for your help

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    You didn't mention whether you downloaded the program to the expansion module. The program must be downloaded to the expansion module.

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