My Santa Fe Advance has been working beautifully for @ 4 years in my crawllspace This summer it started making a "wup-wup-wup-wup" kind of pulsing / buzzing / vibration noise ( sorry for the cheezy description). I don't hear it with fan only turned on but when unit is dehumidifying we can hear it all over the house. It still seems to be working well and water is flowing to the drain ( crawl is dry and comfortable). but the buzzing/ pulsing noise is slowly getting worse. Do dehu components start to "complain" when under load and failing? I'm trying to figure out if I should package and ship the unit for repair now,based on the noise alone, or wait until the unit dies? I read a recent post here about a good service experience for the same unit ( santa fe) but I don't have any formal diagnosis or opinion fom an hvac person. Any thoughts?