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    Trane XL16i Not Cooling and Problems From Long Ago

    Hi everyone! I hope you all can confirm that I had a correct install.
    I had purchased the following back in 2005
    Trane XL16i 4TWX6036-SF-1B 3 ton 2 stage heat pump
    TCONT803 Thermostat
    4TEE3f40A-SF1 air handler with emergency heat (all electric)
    I live in St. Peterburg, FL and have about 2040sq under air. The air handler is in above the garage and I have close to (if not over) 60 feet of lineset as the Condensor is way at the other side of the house. (Away from master bedroom was my original though for the builders unit as it was loud)
    The install was horrific, with the outside unit now on its 3rd compressor. First compressor failed in 3 days, second compressor (a new install company all of which are trane) started putting R22 into the system and I yelled at him what are you doing! So that compressor failed in less than 7 days and trane came out and replaced it yet again.
    My orginal R22 was removed by first contractor and I know nothing was done with Nitrogen (I've been doing a alot of reading on this site, which I have to admit is very educational!) and I know that the lines were NOT flushed properly of R22 and since 60 feet of line they were lazy and trane bought me 2 new compressors because of it.

    The unit prior to this one was a 2 ton unit that cooled fine, but was expenise and it might have been SEER8??
    We did a load calc with software prior to getting the XL16i and I remember something about if we had very high 95 degree days it would be working at its most to cool the house, but other than that it would be just fine. We contimplated getting the XL20 vs this one, anyways thats in the past.
    Here is my issues... Put R410A in last summer as the house was vacant for a year while I was up north. Now it seemed to work fine, but this year I cant get the house below 82 in the day time when we have 92 degrees outside.
    I have checked the temp at the return and usually its 82... and at the closest supply it 68.
    The filter could be cleaner, I'm waiting for a new one, but its not cooling the house and running 24/7. last night when it was finally cooler due to a storm the A/C shut off. It was weird to try to sleep in silence..!

    Reading the posts here I have seen that XL16i's are notoriously installed incorrectly with wiring. So I took pics (see below) of all the connections at the TStat and the air handler and the condensor. Also I went to the TStat and copied down all the settings in the system and listed below.

    I also can never tell if the unit is going into second stage or not. It all sounds the same to me. I sometimes hear the variable speed fan ramping up and down, but honestly the system just runs and runs and runs.. so i dont hear it cylce off very much.
    I ran the test1 at the Tstat and tried to get stage 1 and 2 to work but standing by the compressor I cant make out if it is doing its thing or not.

    Can you please advise whether this is all wired up right or do I need to find someone (yet a third Trane company to fix this thing)

    TStat settings...
    0180...not there
    0210...not there
    0240...not there
    0250...not there
    0350...not there
    0360...not there

    Jumpers on the Airhandler
    1 on
    2 off
    3 off
    4 off
    5 on
    6 on
    7 off
    8 on

    At the condensor there is a brown wire just hanging there. please check the pics!

    Thanks everyone for your help in advance!

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