so it turns out, Wade Page was fired from his job at a trucking company, because he was busted for intoxicated driving in his private vehicle.

he was fired from his job for something that had absolutely freaking NOTHING to do with his job performance.
and he can't go to another company.
DMV hold a record for about 3 to 7 years

then he lost his house.
(it's strange thing, when you get cut off from working, it's hard to pay the bills)

...and these days, when you lose your house you can pretty much count on your wife or girlfriend leaving, which is what happened to him.

his band also broke up.

the guy never owned a gun until this happened.
our society gave him plenty of time to sit around and think of plans.

our politicians love it when things like this happen because gun control has been on their agenda for a very long time.
our society walks away from responsibility by simplifying an issue, such as saying the gun caused the problem.

was this incident REALLY about racism or to a lesser extent guns?

it seems to me the root cause of this incident is irresponsible law, and a person who found his life over before his time.
our society have become experts on telling people "we have something on you, so go die"