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    Quote Originally Posted by mjbl View Post
    oops sorry, didn't mean to offend.
    No offense just rules, happens all the time.

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    ...OK, so on the Goodman unit in the attic the Furnace control board was replaced, replaced blower run cap and installed condensate safety switch, test ran system, Freon levels were proper after 20 minutes or more of running and air coming out of vents was 20-F cooler than intake air.
    The indoor temp-split at first look, apparently, appears to be on is always a good idea to also check the outdoor condenser temp-split, as it can verify the indoor split or reveal other problems.

    Also, what was the indoor airflow CFM & Return Air humidity level, & the superheat & subcooling; because if the humidity was much lower or higher than 50% RH, & other factors are off target then, the indoor split may not actually be on target.

    The only way U will know is if the system is checked much further than one factor...
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    the a/c circuit board seems to have been the correct fix.
    COLD air now that works .
    YES, Thank you for everyone's thoughts.

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