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    Heat pump is not a good choice in your area unless it was maybe a geothermal one. A regular air heat pump won't work at -20 and you end up using the electric heater ($$$).

    The guy that says he will do a load calculation, did he take any measurements? If not, he probably won't do a load calculation unless you choose him, even then you need to put it in writing. Ask the other guys if they will do a load calculation.

    From what you said, you seem to have a leaky house and leaky ducts that are also undersized. Maybe try budgeting for them to fix your ducts at least. Wouldn't make sense to put in a brand new AC and have all that cold air warm up before it gets to your room. I would almost recommend putting wall furnaces and window AC system... you might get more comfort from those if fixing the ducts will be out of your price range.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnailRacer View Post
    Thanks, mcjo tech.

    I checked the map and there is one person listed in my area. They do not have a website so I cannot check right now if they carry any of the brands you mention. Locally they are listed as a repair shop. ??

    Aire Flow is the low end line by Lennox (according to the AC man). Are you implying that Goodman er ... I mean Amana, York and Aire-Flo are questionable products?

    I will check the yellow pages for the other brands and see who is in the area. Thanks!
    I would agree that Amana is the best choice of the three. Solid warranty. Just not a big fan of the product myself. I would prefer Trane or American Standard if it was going in my home and the cost difference was not too much.

    Just my personal opinion.

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    Thank, everyone, for all your great answers!

    Looks like the Amana is going to be the one to pick.

    Just one last question - should I get a 2 or a 2.5 ton model?

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