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    I'm in the final stages of evaluating two options for a new furnace for my home in Connecticut. I'm comparing a Lennox 023V and a Thermo Pride OH5-85. Thanks so much to those who replied to my other post.

    Both of these systems are "variable-speed," but they describe their capabilities differently. If I understand correctly, the Lennox system is a straight 2-speed system (running at 50% or 100%). The Thermo Pride sounds like a more advanced (and efficient) system, with "infinite blower speeds" (not to mention a 2-speed Riello burner, as opposed to the Beckett). Would this difference in system performance be noticeable in my heating/electric bills, or is it somewhat negligable?


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    Hands Down

    ThermoPride are the TRUE Oil furnace, and they are TANKS. They will out last anyone out there. It may be more money up front. but in the long run, it is your last furnace you will ever buy in that home.

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    go with thermopride. best heat exchanger on the market!

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    As others have said, go with the Thermo-Pride. The Lennox furnace of today is the same as Armstrong with different burner & controls.
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    T_PRIDE will out live most. It is almost a family heirloom they last so long.

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