Hi All,
I am a waterproofing consultant with an HVAC question.

I am trying to identify the type of furnace I am looking at. Can't find make or model.
Two story apartment complex with separate units below and above. Water heater has small tank above that leads to a hydronic boiler of sorts: The hall and bath ceilings are dropped to 7 foot to account for plenum to registers in each room. The bathroom has a metal door in the ceiling about 2 feet x 4 feet. inside is the 12" plenum space with a long box narrow box (boiler?) about 16"x 36" x 10" (guess) with copper pipe manifold that enters one end of the box (boiler?). There are two squirrel cage blowers and a AC line set entering the other end. A condensate line exits the apartment wall.
My questions: What am I looking at? Can the apartment humidity be controlled for the AC operation and can the humidity be controlled during heating.
The apartment is experiencing mold issues that can be addressed to an extent if the heating cycle humidity can be controlled. Please see attached photo.A9R16B9.pdfA9R513D.pdfA9RF49B.pdf