Hi…my name is Mike and we live in a single-level/5 Bedroom/3 Bath - 2758 SQFT “Nohl Crest” Carrington floor model home located in Tampa Bay, FL – contrary to popular belief, the temperature & humidity here are not as bad as other parts of the country…with that said – the weather has been averaging around 91° F with about 65-75% humidity so far this year. I am the owner of a newer “Amana” heat pump system (2.5 Years – 3rd season) installed February of 2010:


  • Refrigerant lines were not replaced from the coil to compressor
  • Flex-duct – they replaced one 25’ supply run in attic and approx. 10’ of 18” return flex next to blower
  • After the unit was first installed…this AC company had to make three return trips within the first few months:

  1. The first trip was the very next day as they installed the blower crooked and it looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa sitting on the plenum
  2. The second trip was during the first summer season in August of 2010 – the circuit board in the air handler & heat pump, contactor, transformer, RV coil & thermostat were all (unexplainably by technician) to have gone bad and were all replaced.
  3. Four more months later…a third return trip was necessary as the “Defrost Board” was not energizing on the terminal and was replaced as bad


The indoor temperature will not cool below 79° F…intermittently; it doesn’t matter if its overcast outside either…it’s just intermittent regardless of the sun exposure/temperature outside. So I contacted the AC company who installed the system to take a look…the HVAC technician tested the compressor discharge & liquid line temps and told me that everything was fine and that the temp diff was normal for this time of year due to the heat index . I told him that my home was adequately insulated with a new roof and has always cooled to whatever the thermostat was set to…and even in the hottest months! I also told the HVAC technician that the condensate drain was backed up a bit with algae…so I went ahead and completely flushed the line just before he got there…but then he said that we should just wait it out, since the drain may have caused the issue; although, it took 4-5 hours (and nightfall) – the indoor temp eventually dropped to a comfortable 74° F. - that was last week…over the last few days…again the cooling has been intermittently going from 74° F (my setting) on some days and 79° F on others. This is only a 12° drop from outside temps…

My Questions to this Forum:

The unit/labor is warranted for 10 years so I don’t foresee an issue, but what do I tell this company? What do I ask them for as far as service expectations? What type of testing and service should I expect? I would like to sound somewhat educated on the subject in the event that the same technician comes out and tries to snow me or talk me out of something that is not covered under warranty.

Also…can anyone tell me whether or not the system I purchased is adequate for my home and whether Amana is even a reputable/quality product? (I get conflicting opinions on this)

I am just looking for some advice…any and all input is welcome.

Thank you for your time,