I had an opportunity to buy a last year model York heat pump, at a deep discount form a local HVAC contractor. At the time of purchase both of us believed (well convinced ourselves) that an evaporator could be matched to my new Miller M7 gas furnace. Well no such luck, as I was unable to find a ARI match. So now I need some options and/or ideas on what would work the "best".

The heat pump is a York YZE02411MXA Affinity 8T series, the Furnace is a Miller M7 High efficiency gas down flow furnace. I am an experienced HVAC installer, some time ago, but matching up systems was not part of the job. I also understand that I may not achieve full SEER rated efficiency.

The way I see it I have two options:

York H/P, w/required York TEV, and York evap hp/ac coil.


York H/P, w/required York TEV, and Miller evap hp/ac coil.

Does anybody have other suggestions that might work?