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    Houston 3600 Sq. Ft. Help Needed RE: Proposed Repair Job

    We have a problem where we bought a house, and we purchased insurance on the A/C. The repair guy said the A/C units should be replaced, but the insurance company is untrustworthy and won't replace the units unless the A/C temperature differs 20 degrees (but ours differs 18 degrees if that means anything). However, they did authorize some repairs (however they're only covering 50% of them).

    In short, the following repairs were suggested:

    It appears that we have 2 A/C units in our 3600 Sq. Ft. Home -- one 4 ton for the downstairs, and I believe a 4 ton (possibly smaller) upstairs as well. They were built/installed in 1997, and recently they have been running 24 hours a day and never get down to the 76 degrees we have the thermostat set at.

    The A/C guy came in yesterday (after 2 other guys coming in and putting in freeon), looked upstairs in our attic, and siad that the previous owners probably didn't change the filters and thus the "core" is probably dirty. The problem is that he said that he couldn't get to either core due to the configuration of each unit, and to clean each would be $$$$ each just to remove it and clean it.

    Instead, he suggested that we repair one at a time with the same repair -- he will reconfigure the unit to put a door to separate the furnace and the A/C, that way someone can open the door and will clean it.

    On the purchase order (for $$$$), he has the following items:

    License, Registration and/or Permit ($$$$)
    Disposal of Coil ($$$$)
    New Supply Plenum ($$$$)
    New Transition from Furnace to Coil ($$$$)
    Add/Replace Emergency Drain Pan & Drain Line ($$$$)
    Install safety cut off (primary and secondary) ($$$$)
    Install Evaporator Coil Inspection Panel ($$$$)

    Total Cost: $$$$ (and this is for only one unit -- he said the same has to happen for the other unit).

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