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    i would like to know the history of the lennox g61v which i purchase about 3months ago with a acx 13seer txv could any of you tecs give me a idea what to watch for or the history of repairs are any info i good info. THANKS

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    97.5% of my installs are G61MPV's. What you need to really pay attention to is that ball game and relax and enjoy your new units.
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    I have many G61MPV's out in the field........totally flawless machine.

    What's the score now on that game?

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    we have put quite a few of them in. only failures i can think of are 1 that had a noisy comb blower, 1 that had an ignitor fail. the 1 with ignitor was in MY house on a friggin sunday, had to make that long 15 minute ride to the shop to get one!

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