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    I agree with you to a point. But if he never gets hired, it is even worse. Bad publicity is still publicity. A hard working guy will build his own reputation. A gun without bullets is no better than no gun at all. I've seen guys rise from bad companies.

    Of course, if he can get on with a good company that would be great and would obviously be preferred.

    The guy is surfing the hvac websites. I have worked for companies where we did not talk about hvac. As hard as I tried the guys wouldn't talk the trade.

    I think blackfz1 will do well.

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    Ive also heard how good the job market is suppose to be for new hvac techs so I just signed up for classes at our community college to get certified. It seems like their would lots of hiring going on with this heat wave we've been having. Good luck on finding a job and keep us updated.

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