3 door reach in cooler. got the call found breaker was in the off position. breaker panel was open.breaker was not tripped. flipped it on. checked pressures r 134a 35 low and 175 hi. suction line ambient temp, 85 degrees f. in the box. about 75 degrees cond ambient. cleaned cond coil. amps 5.2a tecumseh comp. m#aja4492yxd name plate rla :7Amps compressor sounded noisy. compressor was replaced 8 years ago. i ran down the street and returned roughly 3 hrs later it went from 85 to 60 degrees. doesnt look to good so i checked it again now pressures are 31 low/155 hi while hanging at 60 degrees . added about a pound of r 134a. 42 degree suction line at comp. = 6 degree super heat. by the way metering device is cap tube. liquid line temp.107 = 7 degree subcool discharge air out of condenser coil was 97 degrees. with 78 degree ambient.=19 degrees split. compressor is 3/4 hp recip. once i shot in the pound of ref. temp seemed to start dropping. even though my superheat was low.i dont think its the valves leaking back due to low side pressure. i feel like one of the pistons broke or its not pumping to full capacity as mentioned before the compressor is noisy. i could be wrong looking for your support.