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    JACE - Modbus - CSI3CSV Driver

    Does anybody have any experience with the CSI3CSV driver for the JACE? Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

    My goal is to setup a CSV file with a list of Modbus points that includes all of the items needed to configure each point (name, address, reg type, data type, etc.) and then import it in. Does anybody know if this is this even possible? If it is, could you type up on the process? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Tags: JACE Niagara Tridium Lynxspring CSI3CSV CSV Modbus

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    It is possible, sure. But I don't think CSV driver will help you here.
    You have to look on Program service and write a script to create / configure whatever you want. It does require Java knowledge.

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    Got it. I'm new to the JACE. Thanks!

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