I have a Carrier 25HNB648 compressor the coolant return line is producing a lot of condensation on the order of several gallons a day, it looks like most of the condensation is being produced at night. The problem is my compressor sits on top of a wooden retaining wall.

The exterior lines to the unit were insulated by the installer, but the lines inside the cabinet are not insulated.

I first impression is that the lines inside the cabinet need to be wrapped, but then I read that the problem may be caused by either low airflow or over/under charging.

The Compressor was recently relocated (because of a neighbor’s complaint) it sweated in both locations. Before it just watered the grass but now it’s going to rot out the retaining wall.

I have a FE4ANB005 Fan Coil and an Infinity control the T-Stat is set for comfort blower is set to auto.