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    Where to find Heat Strip for unit.

    I just purchased a foreclosure that someone wasted a ton of time installing the furnace and the AC apart. There is two thermostats and two returns, when the AC is running air is being pushed through the furnace, its pretty amazing how much time was wasted setting this up. The furnace is currently installed in a closet in the master bedroom and the AC is in the attic. I want to install a new furnace in the attic but all the techs Ive talked to want to replace the AC also, It's old, 20yrs but it still works great. One guy I talked to said my blower has a spot to accept a heat strip but he could not find the proper strip. This would be a dirt cheap solution to removing the furnace but also provide heat until the AC finally dies.

    Does anyone know a place to get an old heat strips or even used ones? or is there a generic heat strip that could be installed?

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    air handler is 1998. They may or may not have the heater available anymore. Your contractor will have to check with the distributor for that air handler. He will also have to detemine by heat loss calculation what size heater you need. keep in mind that electrical upgrades (bigger wire, etc.) going to the air handler will probably be needed.


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